5 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Natural Skincare

5 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Natural Skincare

It is possible to find products that are both natural and healthy for your skin. The key process to this is finding those brands who use sustainable ingredients in their products. Combined with the many benefits of using these clean, plant-based materials, there are many reasons it’s worth making the switch over from non-natural beauty care products such as using palm oil or other more harmful ingredients. If one takes a look at some common synthetic ingredients found in cleaners and other beauty care items they might be surprised to see what harm these chemicals can cause when absorbed through the skin. The key difference between natural vs non-natural beauty care products is sustainability, purity, and wholesomeness for our bodies. Some popular types of plants used in creating lotions & soap bars include shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil sweet almond oil among others. This makes them safe for everyday use because people need to wash their hands often and can't afford to have their cleansers drying out their skins natural moisture and protective barrier. There are many reasons to switch to natural beauty products, here are 5 of the main ones.

The Shocking Truth About Synthetic Ingredients in Beauty Products

1. Over the years, people have stopped using natural fats to formulate cleansers for their skin and instead resort to the overuse of products made from synthetic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfates and alcohols with different names on the front end but unhealthy ingredients all around. Harsh detergents or soaps are often found in many store-bought skincare items because they are more powerful at getting rid of icky things that may be residing on our surface of our skin. However none of these provide any healthy benefits to your outermost layer, which is where most products end up causing damage and irritation instead.

The Immune System and Your Skin: How Synthetic Soaps Can Inflame and Irritate

2. Think about it--our body's immune system constantly protects us against toxins by sending white blood cells called lymphocytes into contact with what it considers invaders through an event known as inflammation. Producing a protective substance called pus which contains fresh fluid as well as dead bacteria, yep—this is why you have acne! Detergent based soaps entice inflammation due to the stripping of natural oils without providing anything beneficial for your skin in return--think drying and irritating! 

Hormonal Disruption: The Dangerous Effects of Parabens and Fragrances

3. Chemicals such as parabens and fragrances can have negative health effects like endocrine disruption (affecting hormones) - which negatively impacts fertility, pregnancy risks, breast cancer risk. Endocrine disrupting chemicals even cross the placenta of pregnant mothers into developing fetuses and may even play a role in your gut health! 

Sensitivity to Synthetic Skincare Ingredients: Why Smart Shoppers Test First

4. It is not uncommon to have sensitivity to synthetic ingredients in beauty items since they are derived from chemical manufacturing sources. Smart shoppers should always test new products which may contain harsh chemicals on a small area of the skin to confirm tolerance first.

Making a Conscious Ethical Choice: The Sustainable Benefits of Natural Skincare

5. The natural world is far more sustainable. When you switch to natural products, you know you are making a conscious ethical choice!
The foundation for all natural skincare is to use ingredients derived from natural whole foods. Natural products are important and beneficial for all, whether you have sensitive skin or not. Natural skincare is essential because it will not contain any of the toxins which can harm your body, irritate your skin, and/or compromise a more healthy lifestyle. Most importantly these products are safe to both your body and the environment!
Natural products are also nourishing and protecting for your skin and are less drying than their chemical counterparts. 
Natural skincare is an important aspect of wellness, beauty, and healthy living. It is important to pay close attention to what you're putting in and on your body. Choosing to use natural products is a great step in the right direction, let Sweetest Indulgence be your guide to natural skin health. 🌿
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