7 Things You Can Wash (Safely) With Our Soap Bars — Besides Your Body!

7 Things You Can Wash (Safely) With Our Soap Bars — Besides Your Body!

Handmade in South florida,  these artisanal soap bars are just what you need to relieve dry or sensitive skin and nourish your natural skin glow.

So you've used our amazing, moisture replenishing, naturally skin-loving —always vegan— soap bars.

Now you're hooked and wondering..

What else can I wash with my awesome soap bars? 🤔
Here's a brief list of our favorite options to inspire you:

1. Your Hands 🙌

Be prepared to be amazed by how soft your hands feel after each wash.

2. Your Face 😌

OUR soaps are perfectly suitable for face washing. Use a Castile soap for sensitive or acne prone skin for best results.

3. Your Hair 👩‍🦱

You read that right. Our soap bars are so rich and powerful they can be used as shampoo bars too, just be sure to rinse well and condition afterwards.

4. Your Little Ones 👶🧒

Their baby soft skin needs to be nurtured and gently cared for and wouldn't ya know it, our Castile soaps have got you covered.

5. Your Fur Babies 🐕🐈‍⬛

You spoil them in every other way possible sooo... why not nurture their skin and lustrous coat too?

6. Your Makeup Brushes 🖌

In case you were wondering, keeping your makeup brushes clean is ESSENTIAL to having healthy skin. Look for our charcoal soaps to keep your brushes in line and your skin in check.

7. Your Delicates 👙

Last but surely not least, your intimates need gentle love too. Trust when I say that those delicates will hold up much longer when you hand wash them with our chemical-free soaps.

    There you have it!
    As someone who has tried all of these—and then some, I can attest to their safety and cleaning power. What about you, have you ever used a bar soap for any of these purposes? Do you have any other suggestions for making the most out of your bar soap? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your tips and thoughts.
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    Keep on glowing,
    -Gabs 😊
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