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Hello and Welcome

Hey everybody,

So let me briefly introduce you to the brand and tell you a bit about myself, the creator behind Sweetest Indulgence. 

Some years back I started having some very unpleasant skin issues and pretty much nothing commercial seemed to provide relief let alone make me feel good about myself. 

Most regular soaps would dry out my skin to the point that it actually hurt.  Prescription medications had side effects and many chemicals that I was not very comfortable with.  As a result I found myself wasting money on lotions and soaps that were simply ineffective.  So, I decided to learn more about natural skincare and soon I became the subject of my own research.  After many trials and errors I finally had solutions that worked for me and I could feel good about. 

That's how I started creating homemade lotions and soaps that would gently nourish my skin back to health and help keep it that way.  I learned about natural ingredients and became highly aware of all the chemicals and fillers added to commercial products and what little benefit they actually had for skin health.  This is what led me to my path and wanting to share my knowledge and help raise awareness about what I call the "Sweetest Indulgence" -natural holistic beauty care.

Today, my mission is to provide natural skincare to anyone, men or women, young or old, who feels uncertain or may be struggling with their skin health.  

I research all ingredients before I include them in a recipe and I keep all my recipes as clean and as purely plant based as possible. 

I hope you learn to love your skin and feel empowered is your own natural journey. 🙏🙂

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That’s wonderful I will be buying more of your soaps the one I purchased last month really helped out my sons dry skin! Thank you for the great recommendation!!


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