CBD Exfoliating Soap | Cleansing Body Bar - Sweetest Indulgence
CBD Exfoliating Soap | Cleansing Body Bar - Sweetest Indulgence

CBD Botanicals Soap | Exfoliating Body Bar

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This remake features the aroma of ylang-ylang, patchouli, gardenia, and jasmin and features cbd oil, as the star ingredient, for a boost in beauty and wellness.

The cbd oil comes from the hemp plant, which is known for being heavily nutritious for the skin and is thought to act as a mild pain reliever. Ground hemp flower is also incorporated into this bar for a naturally exfoliating effect, and the activated charcoal and kaolin clay combo detoxifies your pores. This bar will slough off any dead skin and leave you with soft skin for days.

Scented with patchouli, an herb that has seen anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. We use it in this soap to promote healthy skin and to provide a rich grounding effect— as it adds an earthy,  woodsy, scent which we absolutely love. 

Ingredients: Shea butter, water, olive oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, cbd oil, hemp flower, essential oils, fragrance oils, aloe vera, kaolin clay, activated charcoal. 

This is a natural artisanal soap, carefully crafted in small batches for a unique and luxurious bath experience.



-Cruelty free

-Made in U.S.A

-No Parabens

-No Phthalates

-No Chemicals

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